Little Known Hints to Help Create the Best Essay for College

A college essay can be challenging at times. Sometimes it’s because you don’t know the audience and you need to keep guessing. Sometimes it’s because you have so many stories in your mind and you don’t know the best one to write on. It is important for you to draft your college essay well. These little-known hits will help you write the best papers.

Don’t trust the spell checker

You are very lucky because there are software’s that help you to catch the spelling mistakes. However, you cannot entirely substitute this with your brain. Computers can be stupid; sometimes they can’t distinguish the difference between:

  • Its and it’s
  • Your and you’re
  • Their, there and they’re

Avoid being the student who annoys their professor by turning in a paper that is full of these basic errors. Make sure that you proofread your paper.

Stick to the third person if in doubt

It’s best to use the third person when writing a formal paper. This means you will avoid phrases like ‘I think,' ‘I believe’ or even ‘you know.’ These phrases are not only informal, but they also weaken your writing. If you think or really believe something, consider showing it by providing concrete evidence. The first person is a more casual mode often, and if you use it carelessly, it could make you seem insufficiently serious for the task.

Be specific

Take a look at these sentences and choose the one that is more descriptive:

  • James liked his new ball
  • James played with his new ball with delight

Hopefully, you will agree that the second sentence is more interesting and descriptive than the first. You know why? The second example is more specific. Rather than stating vaguely that James “liked” his new ball, it demonstrates by describing the concrete action James took. Make sure that you apply this principle and you’ll be ahead of most colleagues. Show the reader instead of just telling them.

Have a point

Don’t write to fill space. Have a point in mind and then follow it through until you get to the conclusion. But, you’ll realize that this isn’t so easy, especially if you a writing a long paper. Each word you write must further the main point. Also, remember that professors don’t like reading pointless papers.