Essay Prompts for College Application 

Most colleges across the globe require submission of personal statements by applicants for admission consideration. The personal statements have to go with other admissions requirements such as transcripts, tuition, etc. However, colleges are sensitive to the needs of prospective students and therefore, provide prompts in their websites to help stimulate the thought process. As such, students can generate their best personal statements for admission consideration.

Essay Prompts for College Application 

In as much as some colleges give prompts to applicants visiting their websites, other colleges don’t. As such, most students can get stranded with a deficiency of ideas on what to write. But, you don’t need to worry if such is your situation as you can consider the following prompts.

  • You can describe one of your successful experiences in attaining your goal and the lessons you learned from the experience. 
  • It’s also possible for you to think back on a situation where you had to pick between staying in your comfort zone or risking. The decision you made and the repercussion or outcome of the choice. Can you do it differently if the situation presented itself afresh?
  • What musical competition, film, novel, or poem has had the most impact in your life in influencing your perception of the world? You can also elaborate on why it has impacted your life.
  • You can describe a situation or experience that changed your perception of life and the way you live.
  • Elaborate on the reasons for electing to spend more your upcoming years in college.
  • What plan do you have for yourself after graduating from college?
  • What constitutes your present long-term life goals?
  • Given an opportunity to change a moment of your life, can you run with it? Why?
  • Elaborate on why the college should pick you assuming it only had a spot left for admission. Why not other applicants?
  • What skill do you possess that sets you apart from the rest of the applicants?
  • Describe your accomplishments that have no bearing with your studies the past one or two years.
  • Supposing you had an opportunity to converse with any individual in the present or past human history, who can it be and why? What can you base your conversation on?
  • Given an opportunity to transform into any animal in history books, what animal can you pick and why?
  • Given a chance to go back in any period of human history, where can you land and why?
  • What can you consider as the best advice? Who rendered the advice and did you take in the advice?
  • What twentieth-century political or social movement can you consider the most significant? Why?
  • What can you advise a student beginning their high school journey?
  • Construct a question absent from the admission form of the college and offer comprehensive and thoughtful answers to the question.  
  • Pick a quote that can define your personality and explain why it describes you perfectly.
  • Imagine having a four-hundred-paged autobiography, what can a hundred and fifty page say?
  • Pick on an invention that you deem as the most destructive to the globe and explain the reasons why you picked it.
  • If you had the telepathy ability, can you use it? Why?
  • Narrate a story illustrating your personality either indirectly or directly.
  • Describe an embarrassing moment in your life and the lessons learned from the experience.


The outlined prompts will help you formulate a powerful and effective personal statement for your college application.